Ohio antiwar coalition urges UFPJ to back October 25 march

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Jul 19 09:28:00 MDT 2003

The opportunity for a united and effective action in opposition to the
occupation of Iraq, which is costing more and more Iraqi and US lives
every day as US troops confront the inevitable outrage of a people who
are determined not to be conquered, MUST NOT BE MISSED FOR ANY REASON.

And hopefully, those in UFPJ who fear having no influence on the
character of and speakers at the protest, will not wait until the last
minute to reluctantly endorse, thus guaranteeing the situation they
fear.  If UFPJ wants a legitimate voice in the action initiated by
ANSWER, the time to get on board s NOW, not October 20.

The time for united action is NOW!
Fred Feldman


We in NOAC appreciate your posting on the UFPJ list serve NOAC's "Call
for Unity of the U.S. Anti-War Movement." We also appreciate the
action taken earlier by UFPJ at your June conference establishing a
liaison committee to work with other peace groups to promote unity and
cooperation in the movement.

We are writing you now to urge that you accept ANSWER's invitation to
cosponsor the October 25 demonstration as stated in their
communication to you: "We would propose that there be an equal sharing
of responsibility for logistics and mobilization and for the creation
of the program on the day of the demonstration."

It seems to us that in the face of the brutal and repressive U.S.
occupation of Iraq, we all have a responsibility to the people there,
to the GIs who want to come home, and to the international anti-war
movement to unite all forces for the largest possible turnout on
October 25 to demand an end to the occupation and for U.S. troops to
be brought home now. All other factors are, relatively speaking,
subordinate to this overriding responsibility.

NOAC has endorsed the October 25 action and is working hard to build
it. As you know, a delegate from our coalition attended the UFPJ
conference in June to urge unity for a fall demonstration. We renew
that appeal now in relation to the planned October 25 demonstration.

The movement throughout the world, which seeks to curb U.S. colonial
and expansionist plans, will warmly welcome the united sponsorship of
both major coalitions for October 25. If unity fails, people who are
the victims of those colonial and expansionist plans, especially the
Iraqis, will not understand why.

We hope that you will poll the UFPJ steering committee expeditiously
for approval of the unity proposal. The sooner the two coalitions come
together on a coequal basis to plan and organize October 25, the
better for both and for the cause of peace on a worldwide basis.

In solidarity,

Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition (NOAC)


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