Kelly's death

Richard Harris rhh1 at
Sat Jul 19 10:13:14 MDT 2003

Gary said:
> It's hard to pick things from this distance, but I still cannot quite
> the significance of the Kelly suicide.

> why should this incident be such a blow to Blair?


When I posted earlier today saying that there is a real crisis of leadership
in the UK left at the moment ~ because there are no calls for mass action ~
I was quite serious.

In my street, everybody suspects Blair's government had David Kelly killed.
People have been out on the street today talking about it.  And I don't live
in a left ghetto, far from it.  I guess Kelly committed suicide.  People
believe Blair could do anything.  Now Blair has ordered an immediate
judicial inquiry into Kelly's death.  What?  For a suicide?  No one in the
public realm has said the M world, but I guess the Blair machine is
terrified that this death could be a focus for those forces who wish to
force him from office.  The politicals most likely to do this are not the
left, but rivals for the leadership of his own party ~ principally Gordon
Brown.  The Blair machine has been fighting the BBC for weeks, trying to
pull the political agenda from consideration of the aims of the war.  That
whole strategy has unravelled.

I think there is a massive loss of confidence in the political system here
in the UK, the like of which I have never seen.  The governing party are
viewed as scoundrels who launched the war on a lie.  The principal
opposition party's political platform is so close to Blair's (and they
appear incompetent) that normal politics is seen by many to be failing.

We had a million, a million and a half? people on the streets earlier this
year.  But the main party on the British left, the SWP, is actively opposing
attempts to broadly mobilise against the government.  I don't think we are
in anything like a pre-revolutionary situation, but masses of people are
open to radicalisation.  In my locality, the SWP are active in opposing
setting up a broad campaign.  They think the SWP is the way forward and the
job of any socialist is to join the SWP and sell Socialist Worker.  That's
what they do ~ sell their paper & recruit, literally anyone who walks by
their stall can join.  They won't work with me as I want to campaign for
socialism, not for the SWP.  Political leadership is important and in the
'left' in the UK the main issue is establishing who is in charge of the

Oh well, back to my own leaflets and the non-aligned socialists with whom I
can work.

Canterbury, Kent.

p.s. Gary, many Labour MPs oppose fox hunting as a kind of crazy surrogate
class war against the landed classes and the gentry.  They see class as
arising in public schools like Eton, and also in the hereditary peerage.  It
is manifest in the country landowners' sports version of vermin control, the
fox hunt.  Many of these MPs seem not to see any class issues in capitalism.
They talk as though we could have a free liberal society if medieval
reaction were swept aside and attitudes changed (in the direction of social
inclusion.)  A position that must be familiar to readers in the US.

It's all a big feint, a left cover for reactionary politics.  The MPs can
parade in their constituency labour parties and display their radicalism in
voting against the pastimes of the rich.  Somebody is being conned by this

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