CPofB: Brazil-Cuba relations at the highest point in history

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The article by Ronaldo Carmona
"Governments of Brazil and Cuba close their bonds"  published in site
Vermelho (<http://www.vermelho.org.br>www.vermelho.org.br) July
11, 2003.

Governments of Cuba and Brazil close their bonds

Ronaldo Carmona*
(*) Membro da Comissão de Relações Internacionais do Comitê Central
do Partido Comunista do Brasil.

The relations between Cuba and Brazil are making progress and, with
the new Brazilian administration, they reach their highest point in
the history of the relations between the two peoples. Carlos Lage,
Vice President of Cuba and Felipe Perez Roque, Minister of Foreign
Relations of Cuba, visited Brazil on July 3 and 4. It is the highest
ranked delegation since the visit paid by President Fidel Castro on
the inauguration of the Brazilian President in January. In a two-day
visit, the Cuban delegation took part in 11 meetings with many
Brazilian authorities.

According to agency Latin Press, the visit ended with a meeting
between the delegation and President Lula da Silva that lasted more
than three hours in Alvorada Palace-the President's official
residence. On the occasion, they dealt with more than just bilateral
relations as the international situation was also discussed,
especially the situation of Latin America.

In the meeting, accordingto Lage's declarations, "we received abundant
on the Brazilian problems, the present situation of the country and
goals and objectives of the new administration". He highlighted that,
for Latin America, "Brazil's role, due to its dimensions and to its
President's leadership, is doubtlessly relevant".

In Thursday evening, a reception in the Cuban Embassy gathered five
Brazilian ministers (of Defense, Fishing, Cities, Sports and Human
Rights), tens of Congress people, among which government's leader
Aldo Rebelo, and other figures of the political, cultural and
business circles.

In a meeting with minister of Foreign Relations Celso Amorim, Lage
declared that the relations between Brazil and Cuba "are in their
best moment", what was confirmed after the lunch prepared in homage
to the delegation with the Ministry's Secretary General, Samuel
Pinheiro Guimarães.

Agnelo Queiroz and his secretaries. The Cuban Vice President declared
that he agreed with the minister's idea of making "sports more
massive in Brazil", since, according to him, "we see sports not only
as a high-performance activity, but also as a mass movement".

There will be cooperation in many fields. There are already many Cuban
trainers all over Brazil, and they are prone to increase in number,
especially in areas identified by the Brazilian Olympic Committee as
those in which Cuba presents the best results.

In exchange, Brazil will support Cuba in sports in which we are more
developed. There
will also be cooperation in the formation of teachers, including in
the form of an agreement made with the International School of
Physical Education and Sports in Havana, which will increase the
number of scholarships granted to Brazilian students. In exchange,
Brazil will supply sports material produced by prisoners by means of
the "Painting Liberty" Program.

There will also be cooperation in theimplantation of high-performance
Sports Centers in specific regions, especially the
Olympic Center of Manaus, with a view-according to the
Ministry of Sports-to turn the region into a great olympic area with
the support of governmental sports policies. Specialists in
university sports will also come to Brazil in order to offer support
in that field, including "friendship games" of which students from
both countries will take part.

The delegation also met with minister of Education Cristovam Buarque,
who in the previous week met Cuban minister of High Education,
Fernando Vecino Alegretti, with whom he discussed the intensification
of the cooperation among the universities of both countries. At
present, CAPES (the Coordination for the Improvement of High
Education Students) already has an important program with Cuba for

In the meeting with the Cuban delegation, the
Ministry of Education dealt also with the realization of a massive
campaign of literacy, a field in which Cuba has an emblematic
experience in one of the first tasks of the revolution, made
effective in 1961.

The Cuban leaders met also with minister of Health Humberto Costa,
with minister of Finance Antonio Palocci, with Chief of Staff José
Dirceu and directors of the Central Bank and the international
department of BNDES (the National Bank of Economic and Social

In the meanwhile, the US is increasingly provocative.

Under an administration of the extreme right, which is responsible
for the steps taken in Washington, the threats and provocations of
the United States against socialist Cuba are increasing significantly
to the point that the White House included the island in its
rapacious "axis of evil".

In an enlightening interview made with Spanish newspaper El Pais
(07/07/03), the officer christened by president Bush as "the special
representative for initiatives in the Western hemisphere" updated
imperialism's annexation plans regarding Cuba. Otto Reich said that
"the tactics is to debilitate the government with diplomatic
information and restrictions and intensify the contact with the

As far as that "intensification" is concerned, one should
understand that it means an increase in the number of Cuban agents
paid in dollar directly by the US representative in the island,
people that the mass media classify as "dissidents". That person-Otto
Reich-is the representative of the reactionary Cuban Diaspora in
Miami, a social sector that would control a re-colonization of the
island by the United States according to its plans of substituting
socialism, turning the island into a capitalist colony.

In the same interview, Reich makes clear that his real enemy is
socialism saying that "what is leading the country to bankruptcy is
the Marxist system". He concludes with a threat: "the important thing
is to avoid Fidel being substituted by his brother Raul or by another
leader". What is impressive in the speech of the US officer is its
terrifying anti-democratic and intrusive content.


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