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Sat Jul 19 14:07:54 MDT 2003

This on Kelley's state of mind. It will be interesting to hear what
Scott Ritter has to say about this tomorrow.

We were successful in reaching a Texas Pacific Group representative, who
said that he would consult with their lawyers concerning the Clear
Channel campaign against Ritter using Burger King's name.

Jon Flanders

Kelly warned of 'dark actors' 

Press Association 
Saturday July 19, 2003 7:33 PM

Weapons expert Dr David Kelly told of "many dark actors playing games"
in an e-mail to a journalist hours before his suicide, it was reported
on Saturday.

The words appeared to refer to officials at the Ministry of Defence and
UK intelligence agencies with whom he had sparred over interpretations
of weapons reports, according to the New York Times.

The message gave no indication that he was depressed and said he was
waiting "until the end of the week" before judging how his appearance
before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee had gone.

The newspaper did not name the recipient of the e-mail.

It said another associate had received a "combative" message from Dr
Kelly shortly before he left his Oxfordshire home for the last time on

The scientist said in the e-mail that he was determined to overcome the
scandal surrounding him and was enthusiastic about the possibility of
returning to Iraq.

Dr Kelly was grilled by MPs last week over his comments to reporters
about the use of intelligence in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

He had denied being the main source for a BBC story about claims that a
dossier on Iraq had been "sexed up" to boost public support for military

Dr Kelly's wife Janice told the New York Times her husband had worked on
Thursday morning on a report he said he owed the Foreign Office and had
sent some e-mails to friends.

She said: "After lunch, he went out for a walk to stretch his legs as he
usually does."

Mrs Kelly said she had no indication that her husband was contemplating

"But he had been under enormous stress, as we all had been."

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