Correction: Goethe, Not Hegel ?

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Sat Jul 19 16:12:08 MDT 2003

"All theory, dear friend, is grey, but the golden tree of actual life
springs every green."

Springs "every green" ? Does that mean blondes are jumpin' Green Party
activists or inexperienced people out there ? I assume you meant "ever
green". Green is also the colour of hope, at least where I live.

Another version I saw, was "Theory is grey, but green is the everlasting
tree of life".

I was just on the phone for an hour to a Maori girlfriend of mine in New
Zealand, one of the "ordinary workingclass people" that David Schanoes
(alias "dms")  likes to jibe me about. She's got triplets (ages 6) and
another girl (age 7), i.e. four daughters (not mine !), she is a solo mum,
and she gets NZ$380 a week on the domestic purposes benefit, plus NZ$60 a
week extra for doing 11 hours work (she is a trained domestic care-giver,
who looks after disabled people in their own home, working for a private
company). One NZ dollar is approx. 0.57 dollars US. She worried about her
kids' future. She would like to move to a bigger rented place in the future,
with better schooling opportunities for her kids, but she cannot afford it,
it would cost about NZ$600 a month, but she cannot buy a place of her own.
She would like to get certification in nursing, but she has to look after
her kids as well, she has to find a way to do it somehow. She is trying to
pay off her van, in the next 4 years. She would like a combi TV, which the
kids watch, but cannot afford it really. The only economic thing that is in
her favour is that she lives more or less rent-free in a house that belongs
to her whanau, which she can do for another 4 years. She says the NZ
National Party is trying to oust the NZ Labour Party from power, and that
the Nats would cut her benefit even further (which is why she voted Labour).
She considered the political parties make no real attempt to work together
and kept bickering with each other, and "all they talk about is money" -
"people are just getting ripped off more and more". Immigration rules are
becoming very strict, there must be an assurance of a job; the Asians were
welcome when they brought in lots of money, but now that Asians seek the
advantage of the NZ education system to train their kids in English
language, popular enthusiasm dwindled a bit for Asian immigrants, she
thought, and entry was more restricted.

I met her in 1994 when she was working as receptionist for the Justice
Department, just before leaving Aotearoa, we went bungy-jumping, and she
came to Amsterdam to visit me in 1995. We went to Ireland for a holiday. She
didn't stay but went back home, and got a job in the army, wanting to be a
army truckdriver. But she could not stand the army routine after a while,
and left. The guy who gave her children after that, didn't stay around. He's
got other girlfriends now, and sees the kids when he feels like it.



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