Howard Dean, the latest "liberal" hope

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Sat Jul 19 16:28:21 MDT 2003

Garrison Nelson, a Vermont political analyst, thinks Dean can move toward
the middle - because that's his instinct. Nelson said: "I've known him 20
years. Howard became a liberal six months ago. Up here, he never got any
kind of visceral response from liberals. I couldn't count more than 10
people who would've walked through fire for the guy.

"He was always a man of the middle, what we used to call a `Rockefeller
Republican.' His father and grandfather were stockbrokers. He comes from old
money. So has he really changed? Or is the Democratic party desperate to be
in love with somebody? I think they're desperate to be in love."

McMahon, the Dean consultant, is happy to talk about Vermont. He said, "Dean
balanced 11 state budgets - and it's not required there." He is pro-gun
rights and pro-death penalty. He usually favored big business in
environmental disputes. And he once said of welfare recipients that if they
"had any self-esteem, they'd be working."


Shame on Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury) for endlessly pimping for this clown,
using his widely-read and well-respected comic strip to promote this fraud.

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