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[Please feel free to share this memo with others.]

Below is a copy of a memo that United for Peace and Justice sent this
past Thursday, July 17th to the five other major national anti-war
coalitions. The decision to initiate this meeting (conference call) of
representatives from all of our coalitions was made at the meeting of
the UFPJ Steering Committee last weekend and is the implementation of
the decision made at the national conference. So far we have had
positive responses from four of the groups and we are still waiting to
hear from ANSWER. (One group said our suggestion for a Tuesday call is
not good for them so we will try to find another time this week that
works for everyone.)

We will make sure to keep you updated on developments around this
meeting and will share the outcome of the discussion.

Leslie Cagan

Win Without War
US Labor Against War
Not In Our Name
National Student and Youth Peace Coalition

FROM: United for Peace and Justice

DATE: July 17, 2003

Events on the ground in Iraq and here at home in recent weeks are stark
reminders that our work is far from over. The U.S. occupation of Iraq
continues to bring suffering to the Iraqi people and undermines their
ability to re-build, as well as putting U.S. servicepeople in harms way.

At the same time, the lies of the Bush administration have become
crystal clear and people in this country are questioning the motives
behind the Iraq war. And all of this unfolds in the context of the
pre-emptive war, empire-building doctrine guiding U.S. foreign policy.

All of our coalitions have remained active, all are busy with campaign
and projects. We believe the possibilities for even stronger campaigns
exists if we can find ways to work more closely with one another. Toward

that end, we are inviting you to participate in a meeting that will
include 2 or 3 representatives of each of the six national anti-war
coalitions: Win Without War, USLAW, Not In Our Name, National Student
and Youth Peace Coalition, ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice. If
possible, we would like to hold this meeting via conference call on
Tuesday, July 22nd at 2 pm (east coast time). If this date or time does
not work for everyone we are certainly open to finding a better time.

UFPJ will bring to this discussion our idea for a week of actions from
October 4th to October 13th. ANSWER has called for a march on the
Pentagon October 25th, and US Labor Against War has a national
conference that same weekend. If your coalition has other ideas to bring

to the table those would also be discussed. Before any specific dates
might be agreed to we believe an assessment of where things are,
including the mobilizing capability of our different constituencies,
would be in order.

We hope to hear from you very soon.

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