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Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Sun Jul 20 14:24:32 MDT 2003


Just an anecdote. This afternoon I went for a walk in the park. I had a beer
own my own at the park cafe, plus a couple of bitter balls which a family
kindly gave to me. Then I walked on, and watched a few Moroccan boxing
people training up a guy, training him to be more assertive. It was quite
interesting actually, the looks this got from the women. I tend to think
they quite like to watch it, also, they often quite like to watch men
fighting over them (the sociobiologists offer an explanation for this, but
you could also see it simply in terms of social psychology and power). Well
anyway I walked on and came across this white guy with a Clinton-Kohl tee
shirt (we've got Bill Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, etc. on the USA
side, and we've got Helmut Kohl, no wonder, no cash etc. on the German
side). This guy, friendly enough, wanted to talk to me, he motioned me to
have a chat, and started to tell me about the decline of white civilisation,
the decline of European civilisation. (He looked vaguely like a Phil
Ferguson clone).  His argument was that the Africans were taking over in
Europe, killing people, driving out white civilisation. He implied I was
just being naive in thinking that good relations could be had with Africans,
but the point was, he did not want the Africans there, because they were
some sort of threat to the validity of European culture, and the defence of
the validity of that culture. I asked him if he was a fascist, but he didn't
want to go into that.  I made three points: (1) if the Europeans spent
centuries "discovering" and conquering the world, and not just developing
it, but also looting its resources, how could the right of Africans to
travel and settle elsewhere be denied, on what basis ? (2) we are all human
beings, so why the panic, if we can choose for the culture we feel
comfortable in or choose to experiment or not to experiment with something
different, within a reasonable framework ? (3) I never had genuinely bad
relations with Africans, as far as I can recollect, and whether I had good
relations with Africans would depend on their attitude and my attitude, how
well we negotiated a situation suitable to each of us, how well we
understood each other, this is what I said. But he felt I was being a bit
naive, it was like, he thought the Africans were coming to conquer and kill.
He didn't really respond to that, perhaps he felt as bereft, as I did. I put
it to him though, well, since you feel this way about white culture being
under threat by non-whites, what is your strategy, what are going you going
to do about it ? But he didn't want to answer that, he just said, that the
process of the supplanting of white cultures by non-white cultures was
unstoppable, inevitable. He finished off the conversation asking me if I was
connected to the Internet, I said yes, he said, "ah you're an intellectual",
I said "dunno about that", anyway he referred me to I
didn't really go ahead and talk socialism with him, I suppose I would have,
it we had got further into the argument, but he didn't really want that and
I wasn't feeling forceful or aggressive, just enjoying a walk in the park on
a warm day. Last thing he said was that he could see that I listened and
could discuss both sides of the story (seemed to be a reference to
objectivity), and left it at that, I don't know what he ended up thinking
There was a certain rational kernel in what he said, namely, if our roots
are in Europe, we have every right to take pride in its cultural
achievements, but so what, this just begs the question of how we go about
this. But on the other hand I was dealing with a racist again, because he
was a priori arguing against Africans and Africanism and making allegations,
denying in advance the ability for white Europeans and Africans to get along
satisfactorily. I got home, and told the story to Youssef (who is from
Morocco) and he thought the whole thing was silly really, said ""yeah well
you said the right thing, you gave him some points to think about." But of
course now I have to do some more thinking about it. I think I better ease
up on the mails anyhow.



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