Question about Cuba

bgramlich at bgramlich at
Sun Jul 20 19:27:00 MDT 2003

I have this aunt who travelled to Cuba two years ago with a school program. So she claims to know quite a lot about its government and its politics. The other day we were talking and she brought up some things that didn't seem right to me. Supposedly the United States has payed rent for the Guantanomo, but Castro has never cashed any of the checks. Also she talked about how on their tour when they visited a clinic it would be full of people and fully staffed, but minutes later when someone in their group had left something behind and they returned it was completely empty. She also said that Castro plays off the situation as though it is the fault of the embargo and the US, but he is really just a greedy guy who wants all the money and power for himself. Can anyone verify or refute this information? and point me to a good resource where I can learn more about Cuba's current political economy?


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