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The treaty also specifies the base is to be used only as a coaling
station. When was the last time you heard of U.S. warships loading up on
coal there? Even the most expansive interpretation -- a logistics and
supply base -- doesn't begin to encompass setting up concentration camps
and torture chambers.

Anyways, the treaty lacks all legitimacy, for it was not agreed to by
Cuba acting as a sovereign nation, but was unilaterally imposed by the
United States, before Cuba became independent and sovereign, and that is
true even if you consider the American protectorate set up May 20, 1902,
to constitute an independent and sovereign country.


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The Guantanamo treaty, which grew out of the Platt Amendment to the
constitution, was effectively signed at gunpoint and, as a contract, has
validity. However, even if the treaty were ever valid, it very
states: "The United States of America agrees and covenants to pay for
Republic of Cuba the annual sum of two thousand dollars, in gold coin of
United States." Not "two thousand dollars," but "two thousand dollars,
gold coin." The United States has been violating that provision of the 
treaty at least since 1959, and probably before, and therefore has lost
claim to continued enforcement of the treaty.

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