Question about Cuba

David Quarter davidquarter at
Sun Jul 20 21:55:35 MDT 2003

**From what I'm aware***, the embargo prevents Cuba's caribean
neighbours from trading with Cuba for threat of sanctions (or worse)
from the U.S. I think Cuba used to engage in trade with some of
the other islands and countries in the area  (e.g., Jamaica, Mexico,
and even my mother's island of birth, Aruba) but that this all but
ceased after the U.S. imposed santions were implemented. The
anti Castro types will usually say that Cuba has a large reservoir of
resources (e.g, fruit) which it could export to other countries (e.g, in
Europe). The problem is that even if it did, I suspect it would be
unable to compete in the larger economies of Europe, let alone
with many economies outside of the Caribean.


From:           	bgramlich at

She also said that Castro plays off the situation as though it is the
fault of the embargo and the US, but he is really just a greedy guy
who wants all the money and power for himself. Can anyone verify
or refute this information? and point me to a good resource where I
can learn more about Cuba's current political economy?
> Benjamin

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