ANSWER's letters to UFPJ on unity for October 25

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Sun Jul 20 23:01:38 MDT 2003

>ANSWER's call for October 25 proposes the central slogans, "End the
>occupation! Bring the Troops Home Now!"

Part of the beauty of these slogans, if "centrist" groups like UFPJ and the
offensively-named Win Without War can come to see it, is that they do NOT
preclude speakers from such groups calling for "transitional" demands like
"For a UN-supervised election" or "Replace US occupation forces with UN
peacekeeping forces" etc., nor do they even require that one take a position
on whether the "result" of the war was "good" (deposing an "evildoer") or
bad, or whether it was justified or not.

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