Tom O'lincon, Ed George and others ...

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Sun Jul 20 23:04:48 MDT 2003

>>I would be very interested to see Tom, DMS and others make some sort of
sustained response to Dixon, Ed George and myself on these questions<<

Bob, I know it must be frustrating that everyone in cyber space doesn't
jump to attention every time you post some interminable tract. But as it
happens, I have a few other priorities. In any case, to suggest I haven't
debated the East Timor question in detail, on this list and in other
places, is ridiculous.

The recent debate in any case was not about East Timor but about Australian
militarism, and I debated it with Jurriaan concretely and at length; the
Lenin thing was a minor spin-off. When I saw it was developing (my fault)
into a quote-mongering exchange of the kind I don't think is terribly
useful here, I decided to exert self-restraint. However in short order I'll
put something on the web summarising how I see Marx and Lenin on this
topic. Since you ask specifically for a quote about revolutionaries keeping
their independence from the bourgeois nationalists, here's something:

the Communist International must enter into a temporary alliance with
bourgeois democracy in colonial and backward countries, but must not merge
with it and must under all circumstances uphold the independence of the
proletarian movement
" (Lenin on the National and Colonial Questions)

I'd have thought this was ABC; but perhaps if I padded it out to 50,000
words it would impress you more.

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