San Francisco: Candidate of the Left / Candidata de la Izquierda

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Mon Jul 21 01:29:04 MDT 2003

What is really interesting in this story if you read it, is the following:

(1)  "the candidates of the millionaires and powerful were afraid of an open
debate with a candidate of the workers and the left."

(2) The references to "the irrational fear" of some "progressives" who
"claim that Lucrecia's campaign will take votes from the lesser evil
candidates such as Ammiano or Alioto, leaving a greater chance that Newsom
will win the election".

Which reminds me of Berthold Brecht's remark:

"The most beautiful of all doubts is when the downtrodden and despondent
raise their heads, and stop believing in the strength of their oppressors."
(thanks to Phil Ferguson for this quote).


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