Question about Cuba

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Jul 21 03:21:38 MDT 2003

That bit about phony clinics seems over ripe to me.
A very close and dependable friend told about how
he had brought in big cans of aspirin in his luggage
into Cuba.  He wanted to bypass the Party and give
the aspirin directly to where it was needed so he
made unannounced visits to health clinics all over
central Havana.  He assures me he saw real
patients waiting to see real doctors; they were not
actors in a propaganda play.  They weren't crowded
like the ER at Bellevue either because there are so
many clincs around the city.  Each CDR has a doctor or a health
But they are lacking certain needs, and that has a lot to do with the US
With the consolidation of corporations some medical equipment, supplies,
drugs, etc., are only available from certain US companies.  Other
compnaies in other lands don't want to lose the largest market in the
world for a few sheckels little Cuba might provide, so they tow the

On Bill Moyer's NOW PBS TV program last Friday
there was a segment about health clinics in California
getting their budgets knifed.  Cuba has sent more doctors
around the world than the World Health Organization
to help the poor.  Maybe Oakland could be next, huh?

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