Tom O'lincon, Ed George and others (hopefully final)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon Jul 21 06:30:32 MDT 2003

I read Norm Dixon's post through quickly, and found nothing to disagree

I think I've said enough on this. But here is the promised link with a
summary of Marx and Lenin, not that it adds much by now:

Since everyone keeps telling me to be specific and concrete, at the end of
this message I will also put in a few links to other stuff I've written,
where I try to apply my theoretical stance in specific contexts. There are
no articles with titles like "Timor, Luxemburg and Lenin" because I think
we should argue about these things without too much of what Lenin called
"swearing by God". Theory is grey, but green is the eternal tree of life.

But speaking of green trees, when I get my copy back, I might write a few
lines about Faust and Marx's response to it; Marx found much of interest in
it, and was a dab hand at "erudite chit-chat".

OK here are the other links:

On Australia:  - Under "Misc Australian"
look at Aust Imperialism, Bushrangers and Eureka.

On East Timor, Indonesia and Australian imperialism:  -

And for completeness I might as well mention this one again:

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