Pakistani takes legal action over Cuba detention

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Mon Jul 21 09:50:53 MDT 2003

Pakistani man takes legal action over Cuba detention

A Pakistani man released from the US military prison in
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has filed a $US10 million lawsuit
against the United States for the "torture and humiliation"
he claims he faced in detention.

Mohammad Sagheer, the first Pakistani to be released from
the maximum security prison says his detention was "illegal
and immoral".

Mr Sagheer has spoken of being held in a freezing cell for a
week during his interrogation.

He says for almost 12 months he faced the worst kind of
torture, inhuman treatment and humiliation - first in
Afghanistan, then in Cuba.

His lawyer, Ikram Chaudhry, says his client's release last
November proves his innocence.

21/07/2003 08:03:18 | ABC Radio Australia News

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