Iraq: US Asks NATO Ally Turkey For 10,000 Troops

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Jul 21 08:15:13 MDT 2003

See as well:

This is a clear recipe for conflict with the Kurds:

Talabani: There are no ways Turkish troops would be allowed in Kurdistan

21/07/2003 - By Bryar Mariwani
London ( 21 July 2003: The general secretary of the
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Jalal Talabani, said in the fringe of the
Socialist International meeting in Rome, that there are no ways for the
Turkish troops to be allowed in Kurdistan, reported the Turkish news channel

Turkey has already said that it wants to abolish the federal form of
administration in south Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), Talabani has told the NTV

During the meeting Talabani stated that if Turkey has intentions to serve in
other parts of Iraq than our region, let God help them.

They have already stated what they want to if they enter "Northern Iraq", he
said. They want to take the weapons from the peshmerges; abolish the federal
administration and the Kurdish parliament. Talabani has added.


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