FLASH - Very good news from Cuba!

Walter Lippmann walterlx at enet.cu
Mon Jul 21 12:27:05 MDT 2003

We've just got news here about the hijackers
and the boat taken last week from Nuevitas.

This boat was hijacked and taken briefly to
Bahamian waters, and from there to the
United States. The boat and the hijackers
have now been returned to Cuba!

Television programs were interrupted here
with this remarkable good news. For the
first time in the history of the Revolution,
Washington has returned hijackers and the
boat that they stole to Cuba. The boat was
returned on Thursday. The hijackers were
returned to Cuba this morning.

The Cuban government has agreed not to
seek sentences of over ten years for the
perpetrators of this act.

The Cuban government recognizes this as
a very positive development. We will send
out the details, statements and any other
news which we receive as soon as it is

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