(fwd from WIVL) Anti-War Coalition programme of action

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Jul 21 12:38:57 MDT 2003

The Anti-War Coalition has decided to continue its campaign against the
unjust occupation of Iraq and against the acts of imperialism in

The next phase will focus on the 'Anti-terror' Bill. A broad front of
organizations have been set up , spearheaded by the Anti-War
Coalition. We are currently preparing mass mobilisation against the
ATB. If the Kenyan parliament could reject out of hand the
US-imperialist ispired ATB, why can't the SA govt do the same?

The next meeting of the Broad front against the ATB will be on Wed 22
July 2003 at 4pm at Community House. All progressive organizations are
invited to send representatives. Already a series of mass community
meetings are planned. We are preparing a leaflet for mass
distribution. Various lawyers stand ready to publicly oppose the
ATB. One possible area being considered is a challenge to the
Constitutional Court. The programme of action will lead up to marches
and stronger mass action. A national and international campaign will be
outlined in due course.  In the mass meetings there will be another
focus on the apartheid wall in Palestine as well as highlighting the
state of the illegal and unjust occupation of Iraq. Please contact the
AWC to address the workers at your workplace about the ATB.

The next general meeting of the Anti-War Coalition will be held on
Monday 28th July 2003 at 6pm. Agenda will include assessing the
anti-Bush visit campaign ; report from the Co-ordinating Committee ;
report on the ATB campaign ; solidarity with Palestine and the people of

Anti-War Coalition [W-Cape]
Community House
41 Salt River rd
Salt River
South Africa

ph[27] 21 4476777
ph: 0822020617 or 0834895349 or 0824561631
email wivl at sn.apc.org

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