Judith Miller still at it

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 21 13:08:27 MDT 2003

In an article entitled A Chronicle of Confusion in the Hunt for Hussein's
Weapons, Judith Miller continues her campaign of lies, now with the "story"
about how WMD haven't been found in Iraq because of poor planning,
confusion, etc., etc., anything but the simplest explanation - there were

Amazingly, she continues to push this story:  "A senior Iraqi military
intelligence official, a source some of the weapons hunters considered their
most promising find, said Mr. Hussein had destroyed his stockpiles of
chemical and germ weapons, continuing the destruction up until a week before
the war." However she cleverly moves on to other subjects immediately, never
bothering to explain how if this were true, why not a single person has been
found who admits to have participated in this destruction, nor why not a
shred of evidence of this destruction has been found (and note that
destroying chemical and germ weapons without leaving any trace is EXTREMELY


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