Is Blair going to escape?? was Re: an observation from this week's Spectator

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Jul 21 16:52:38 MDT 2003

At 11:00  21/07/03 +0100, you wrote:
>"At least, those Republicans will be able to say that their war destroyed
>New Labour and revived the Tories, though that was not what they told Mr
>Blair would happen."
>Frank Johnson

Here in Oz, The Post Kelly suicide crisis is being reported more in terms
of the BBC being in trouble and selected Labour MPs are interviewed waxing
indignant about the BEEB.

Blair might weasel out of it yet.

But have his troubles revived the Tories?  I actually doubt that.  The
defeat for the Tory party was only part of a long term decline in their

There is really no alternative to the Right of Blair, but what spaces can
open on the Left?  Mind you with the huge decline in voting it is possible
the Tories might form a government, but theirs would still be a
non-hegemonic victory. They seem to have no solution to the dilemmas facing
the British ruling class.  They cannot take Britain into the Euro, and
would only over commit the UK to being an outpost of the USA.

I was especially interested in the indifference and even hostility shown to
Blair's triumph in the USA on the BBC chat program, that Richard (?) posted
the url for.

Blair can get 17 standing ovations in Congress but never a single one in
his own backyard.  So he looks and increasingly sounds like Dead Man
Walking.  One expects him to get the coup de grace at any moment but he
survives. The absence of a Left opposition means that Blair carries on like
something from the world of the UnDead.



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