Tom O'Lincoln on Imperialism: A small note

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon Jul 21 17:30:17 MDT 2003

Hi Jurriaan

Glad you liked the site. You quote me as saying: "European empires, both
colonial and informal, expanded fairly steadily
between the Napoleonic wars and World War 1." And then you say:

>>but the impression one gets from this is that imperialism starts with the
formation of a genuine world market in industrial goods...<<

Well maybe you get that impression, but it's not what I said. I say the
empires expanded, which clearly implies they already existed. As for the
Dutch East India Company, I could hardly forget them; the Indonesian word
for Dutch imperialist soldiers is "Kompeni".

But your efforts to connect this non-existent error to the theory of state
capitalism show an admirable persistence. :-)

Warm regards


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