Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Mon Jul 21 23:55:42 MDT 2003


	David. There's no point to a pissing match. You think bourgeois
journalism is doing a terrible job. I just wanted to point out, one
would only say that if they were under the illusion that there is any
traditional bourgeois journalism left in the corporate media. 

	"Journalists" have no control, zero, zip, over the contents of
the corporate media. They have qualitatively less so *today* than they
did a couple of years ago, when they had no control whatsoever. 

	That's right, re-read the sentence. Two years ago they had no
control. TODAY they have less than that. *Qualitatively* less than that.
Less than zero.

	"War is peace..." 

	"We have always been at war with Oceania..."

	"U.S. military combat casualties since the war in Iraq ended..."

	Put Marxmail aside for a few days. Read Orwell. The latest
headline news from next week's edition of the corporate media are all
there. And have been for half a century.


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