A Peter Camejo-Cynthia McKinney ticket?

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 00:09:23 MDT 2003

Eli Stephens wrote:

>>I apologize in advance if what I'm about to say
comes out as insulting, but this kind of talk is just
plain silly. "The Dems", whoever that might
refer to, are not trying to do anything "through
Kucinich." Dennis Kucinich is a progressive individual
who became a politician in order to change things for
the better as he sees it. Unlike most of us, he's the
kind of person who judges that it is more important to
make some difference, however limited, by working
"within the system," than by working on the fringes in
the Greens or some small leftist party.<<

I agree with Eli here. A US presidential election is
hardly a time to work on fantasies. Kucinich is
officially a Democrat but he is basically on his own
in that party in attempting to do what he is
attempting to do.
National health insurance. A Federal Dept. of Peace.
Leaving the WTO and abrogating NAFTA.

I don't know much about the American Greens, but
haven't liked what I've seen in the European ones,
such as the ones who get attention in Germany. Since
the US has no parliamentary system open to minority
parties and the elected president is more like an
absolute monarch for at least four years, there might
be some logic to saying, it's worth working inside the
Democratic party if you actually believe there is
something worth working for in the US political

That being said, most of the Dems who have been able
to launch themselves on the national scene absolutely
make me want to puke. Kucinich is such a refreshing
break from the rest of them, perhaps it has made me
too hopeful.  Wouldn't it be great to make all the
Clintons and Leibermans eat shit and die?

Would Kucinich move even more left in a time of
deepening crisis (supposing he got the party's
nomination and got elected president)? There would be
nothing for him on the right or in the gaseous
Clinton/Dean 'center'. So in many ways he simply is
the most interesting phenomenon in the system to have
come along in quite a while.

Even if your politics are left of Kucinich's, why
waste a vote (if you have it) by not voting or voting
for a Green who might be well right of Kucinich? I
think people all over the world would sigh in relief
at a Kucinich presidency (and all those weak-willed
Social Democrats and Greens in Europe would have to
stop trying to pull their countries to the right to
save them from people like Berlusconi). It would mean
less state-sponsored terrorism, fewer deaths, and
ultimately less of a US Empire to finance in the
global economic system. Even if that system implodes,
as long as money relations exist, the bills have
already been written.

C. Jannuzi
Fukui, Japan



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