A Peter Camejo-Cynthia McKinney ticket?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Tue Jul 22 01:33:23 MDT 2003

Eli Stephens wrote:

> Dennis Kucinich is a
> progressive individual who became a politician in order to change things
> the better as he sees it.

I think the problem starts here: as an individual he is lost within the
machinery of the Democratic party and society as a whole. I never found the
arguments for entryism convincing, but at least this was done by organised
groups and not individuals.

I do not doubt he is an honest person, but at best he can play the role of
the left clown for the lieutenants of capital.

> Unlike most of us, he's the kind of person who
> judges that it is more important to make some difference, however limited,
> by working "within the system," than by working on the fringes in the
> or some small leftist party. For all I know, he's a socialist and this is
> just his "transitional program" (no, I really don't think so). As far as
> can tell, he made his own decision to run for President because of his
> principles and beliefs, not because some major "players" encouraged him to
> run.

It is not the question of working 'within the system' or dropping out. We
all work 'within the system': trying to win influence on public opinion,
mobilizing ordinary people, running for various offices etc..

Whats the difference is the idea what can bring real change. All these
benevolent individual socialists dream that they are needed at the helm of
the capitalist change and things will change. As a Marxist I am convinced
this is an illusion and only the self-activity of the working class can brig
any real change.


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