A Peter Camejo-Cynthia McKinney ticket?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Tue Jul 22 01:53:02 MDT 2003

Gilles d'Aymery wrote:

> I am not familiar with the social composition of the Greens in Germany,
> especially before their Faustian bargain.

I think the lifestyle people are less important here in Germany.

> But there is also a more radical wing within the
> Greens. My impression (I emphasize it is just that, an impression) is that
> wing, due to its activism -- or knowledge thereof -- has taken more
> responsibilities within the "movement." Here again, my sentiment only:
This is
> what is regarded as a threat. Some people on this list may consider that
> Camejo has sold out to the system.

Actually the leadership of the German Greens has been recruited from exactly
this 'radical' wing: People who were active within the 'movement', often
from a Marxist (mostly Maoist) background.

> As I said in my piece, the issue is not about winning. The issue is about
> can be done to put a dissenting message and an alternative message out

Fair enough, but what exactly is the message? A nicer Democratic party?

> On to strategic planning: I'm not a stratege.

Perhaps the word strategy sounds to militaristic in your ears. What I mean
is to act conciously. What force is society can bring change? What can we do
to activate it.

> I would submit to you that the
> Greens are an episode in the long struggle. They should be approached as a
> transitional "movement." To simply wash one's hands because their
> purity does not pass the smell test is, my my opinion, a defeatist

It is not about purity, but about learning from past experiences. Perhaps it
is uanavoidable, but the arguments about the US Greens remind me about the
discussion here in Germany at the end of the seventies. We all know who led
German soldiers to Afghanistan and the Kosovo.


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