Bob Gould, Australian nationalism and multiculturalism

Ben C benj at
Tue Jul 22 02:42:57 MDT 2003

Phil Ferguson wrote
"For myself, I agree with the DSP and also the tradition that Tom O'L
comes from in Australia, and recommend the sections of the book "Class
and Class Conflict in Australia" (edited by Tom himself and Rick Kuhn,
published by Longman, 1997 I think) which deal with Australian
imperialism and Australian nationalism.  Presumably  both Tom and the
various DSPers lurking on this list can recommend other readings."

OK to recommend the basic DSP text on Australian imperialism:

This is the text of the resolution on "The role of Australian imperialism in the Asia-Pacific region" adopted by the DSP's 19th Congress (January 2001).

Ben C

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