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Subject: Judith Miller still at it

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Hi Paul,

Are you sick of it, I am!

Once again, everyone is "caring" about the wrong issue.

Whether "WMD" exist in Iraq or not is not relevant.
The UK and US have 'em, and are not currently using
them on anyone [we're told], and no-one is seriously
suggesting attacking them over this domestic supply
of nasty toxic stuff...

So the UN and world should be talking about the legality
of the attack on Iraq without reference to WMD's at

If we find them [and we may, as we can't psychically be
sure Saddam destroyed them ALL, even if we think it
may be reasonable to expect that he did], the world
media will skip straight to "Jusified and Ancient" paeons
to Bush and Blair.

The genuine opposition, in so far as they are obssessing
about WMD along with the establishment brainwasher
media, will have the rug pulled from under themselves,
in terms of their credibility - even though the international
law would not justify the attack [at the time it occured]
regardless whether WMD are found or not.

Should the west have attacked when Saddam was [reputedly,
though I am willing to believe it] using the gasses on foreign
nationals or stateless persons or whatever, then the argument
might stand.

But the argument that he merely had [may have had] intent
to use them in the future, while being rational in the sense
that if you have spend cash on them surely you'll want to use
them..., is surely, on further analysis, nonsense, as the UK and
US could be attacked on the same grounds.

A moral argument for toppling his regime is another beast
entirely, as he operated Stalinist practices of the worst order.
But, still, we are looking at a domestic question.

Many deplore the UN's ambiguity over cases of intervention
in domestic conflicts. But think what you like, surely the
bottom line is that in a world with far worse regimes [like
Indonesia for example], the "justification" in Iraq's case is
nonetheless a fig leaf over corporate greed.

This capitalist-imperialist aggression should be fought as
that, not by flimsy and back-firing methods such as
harping on continually about WMD, which really are not

Shortsighted campaigns that raise your groups profile and
membership just no, for no global political gain for those
you are supposedly fighting for...

Are the anti-war folks who bang on about WMD just
naive, or cynical manipulative shits? I must reiterate my
much-stated position from previous exchanges with you,
that here in London, the SWP dominance of the Anti-War
Coalition, via their trojan, Globalise Resistance, leads me
to - in many cases - suspect the latter.

I say, Unite and Fight for Global People's Rights, and identify
the enemy clearly - international capital in an "unfettered"
[but intervened in in favour of corporates] market.

The iraqis will not be managing themselves - we have
predicatably opened a vacuum that will predictably be filled
by internecine struggle between various mediaeval groups,
not least the oil barrons...


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