Bob Gould, Australian nationalism and multiculturalism

dms dmschanoes at
Tue Jul 22 09:03:51 MDT 2003


 > I would be very interested to see Tom, DMS and others make some sort of
> > sustained response to Dixon, Ed George and myself on these questions,
> > than just tossing off assertions


Thought I did that.  Posted a longer piece in which I argued that
nationalism "obsolete at birth."

But that isn't the issue. The issue is how we develop a program within the
moment of "national" upsurge, that pushes forward the real class struggle
behind it.

Look at Venezuela-- certainly the prime mover is the relation of labor and
capital-- I would think Marxists would recognize the "immanent content" of
the Bolivarian Circles and participate whole-heartedly, raising programmatic
issues like:

Not just creation of a workers' militia, but integration of the workers'
militia and the regular army-- training by the army of the militia,
incorporation of army and militia units into joint forces with--the election
of officers.

That's my response to cde. Gould


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