Peter Camejo, the Greens, and Independent Politcal Action

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Tue Jul 22 08:03:09 MDT 2003

>>And what about the chance of a breakaway from the
two-party system
in the US? Is this what Gilles d'Aymery has in mind,
when he writes
in his article:

- ---- quote -----------------
 The two catch-all parties offer practically no room
for progressive
voices. It's a bankrupt system and the antinomy of

Progressives like Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Maxine
Waters, and
others would make a much stronger contribution to the
nation's future
by stepping away from the Democratic Party and joining
a third party<<end of quote and quote within quote


The best way to break away might well be to cleve to
for a while. By staying a Democrat longer, Kucinich
gets much more exposure at a grassroots level and in
the national media (somewhat anyway) than he would by
being an independent or Green. Step away from the
two-party-as-one-party system, and you step over a
cliff. It isn't like the Perot or Buchanan disaffected
are going to support him. He doesn't have the money to
blow on himself the way a multimillionaire does.

Nader himself could have accomplished far more by
raising hell in the Democratic Party--sheesh, that guy
isn't that radical anyway.

C. Jannuzi


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