Peter Camejo, the Greens, and Independent Politcal Action

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Quite a good overview about the Green's history, but it focuses too much on
the fundis and realos and completely ignores the eco-socialist wing, which
formed a block with the fundies, but actually constituted an independent
current. During the 80ties it dominated the party leadership and the
programmatic discussion.
At the beginning of the '80s Rainer Trampert was among the leading figures
of the ecosocialist
wing and co-authored, together with Thomas Ebermann, a book entitled The
Greens' Future: a realistic concept for a radical party, which can be seen
as the theoretical foundation of the eco-socialist wing. There they come to
the conclusion:
"The necessary saving of the foundations of human life. . . demands drastic
changes in the level of consumption of the majority of people in the
industrial metropoles. . . The destruction of the
environment and the situation of Third World countries will demand aspects
conscious relinquishment."
This shows that all currents of the Green Party shared the common
assumptions of ecological thinking, that the working class has to reduce its
living standards. Thus the eco-socialists were
never able to formulate a coherent critique of the right-wing tendencies
inside the party.
>From Revolution 15, June-July 2001, p27


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