Peter Camejo, the Greens, and Independent Politcal Action

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Jul 22 09:08:47 MDT 2003

Johannes Schneider wrote:
> This shows that all currents of the Green Party shared the common
> assumptions of ecological thinking, that the working class has to reduce its
> living standards. Thus the eco-socialists were
> never able to formulate a coherent critique of the right-wing tendencies
> inside the party.

It depends on what you mean by living standards. The automobile,
expansive suburban housing, products of industrial farming like beef all
have environmental costs. There are two ways to address this question,
either through the kind of anarchist/bioregionalism that is popular in
Green circles or through socialism. In any case, we have to understand
that the tap/sink paradigm is superseded, untrammelled capitalist
development has the potential to destroy humanity.


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