Peter Camejo, the Greens, and Independent Politcal Action

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Jul 22 09:14:43 MDT 2003

Les Schaffer asked:

> Lueko wrote:
> > but you still find, including in the very tops of the Greens,
> > activists like Dany Cohn-Bendit, one of the student leaders of the
> > May 1968 revolt in France, who is now MEP for the Greens in France,
> > and pushing for "humanitarian" wars
> when i read this, i want to know the following: for each person who's
> politics evolved over time (such as Cohn-Bendit), was there one or two
> people who replaced them in the party with "radical" views? in other
> words, rather than focusing on one individual's political evolution,
> you fix on the party as a whole.  are these Cohn-Bendit people being
> replaced by fresh faces NOT, for example, supporting "humanitarian"
> wars?


>From the start of the nineties the Greens lost any attraction for radical
youths, partly due to their shift to the right and partly due to the
competition of the PDS and later the anti-globalisation movement (ATTAC

Cohn-Bendit (who often voiced out things Fischer did not dare at this
particular moment in time) is rather representative of the party as a whole.


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