Joseph Wilson's wife outed as CIA agent

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Jul 22 09:36:18 MDT 2003

> in 1973, the Dems were split farther from the Repubs as i recall. does
> that seem correct?
> les schaffer

Absolutely. I suspect that the main difference between then and now is
that US capitalism had not yet embarked on the war against the
working-class. Substantial elements of the big bourgeoisie were still
committed to the Democratic Party. The differences in funding for the
two parties were a lot less back in 1973. For all practical purposes,
the Republican Party has become an open tool of Wall Street, the arms
industry, petrochemical, etc. The Democrats keep angling to get back the
kind of support they once enjoyed, but why go for margarine when you can
afford butter. Any Democrat who does get the nod nowadays will have to
stake out a position like Jimmy (life is not fair) Carter or DLC'er Bill
  Clinton. In other words, Republican Party lite. The answer, of course,
is to create an electoral alternative. This is why so much fury was
directed against Ralph Nader in 2000 and why it would be a good idea for
him to run in 2004. Whatever problems existed in the German Greens and
in the US party, this is a fight worth pursuing.


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