Marxism, Fashion etc. - addition

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Tue Jul 22 10:15:58 MDT 2003


You wrote:

In fact, I have come to realize after 10 years of this that failure to be
nice to me is a sure sign that the person does not do his/her own gardening,
but hires it out to landscape architects, garden installers and maintenance
people and operate
like any other rich person who derives his/her enjoyment from directing the
labor of minions, like a little general with an idle batallion.

In fact, a Dutch Trotskyist called Wim Bot wrote a book about the Dutch
trotskyists in the Second World War, called Generalen Zonder Troepen
(Generals without Troops), which to some proved beyond any doubt that the
Dutch Trotskyists were the greatest pacifists.

You know the first thing that happens when the battalion is let lose without
a central command ? They all start looking at each other and think about
instructions. It's a bit like that thing about a bunch of naked men in a
shower room.


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