'Bush has lost respect of soldiers'

John M Cox coxj at email.unc.edu
Tue Jul 22 10:45:49 MDT 2003

>From a soldier's father:

"My son is in the U.S.Army and currently stationed in Baghdad. I hear from
him every three or four days. He is like most of the young men and women
who went to fight over there inasmuch as he was proud to go and achieve
what President Bush said was necessary. I have seen his attitude take a
U-turn during the last month. At first he was saying: "I wonder why we are
not doing this or that to help make life better for our soldiers?" Then he
started to wonder why we were not doing more to help the Iraqi people who
are suffering under terrible conditions. Not enough water or food, no
electricity most of the time, a terrible shortage of medical supplies and
medical staff, basically they are living like animals. Then he started to
worry about the safety of our troops in the area. He says they are sitting
ducks and easy targets for Iraqi people bent upon gaining revenge for
slain family members and by those who hold the U.S. responsible for the
terrible conditions they find themselves in. Yesterday he had a different
message altogether."

"Get us out of here now! There is nothing we can do to pacify the Iraqi
people except get out of their country and allow them to restore order in
whatever way THEY wish."

And, allow me to give you his remarks when he was informed of President
Bush's brash remarks saying "Bring them on." He said:

"Myself and every last man in my unit are deeply offended that our
President would make such a statement inviting us to be attacked.
President Bush has lost the respect of every soldier I have spoken to
because of his speaking those irresponsible words. Those words spread like
wild-fire amoung the troops. We are here because he ordered us to be here
and now for him to make such a ridiculous statement inviting violence
towards us causes us to lose respect for him and his judgement. We are
learning that we never should have come here in the first place. Believe
me Dad, there is a completely different attitude now. The fact that the
President gave rich people a tax cut and didn't do anything for military
families is hurtful. Where there was once pride and satisfaction in
defeating an enemy there is now regret and shame. God Bless America.

Your loving Son, Donny


John Cox
Chapel Hill, NC

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