'Bush has lost respect of soldiers'

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Tue Jul 22 11:05:49 MDT 2003

>From the same site:

Families in 2 towns recall dedication of fallen soldiers

Staff Writer

Men from 101st killed in convoy attack
Two small American towns are grieving for soldiers of the 101st Airborne
Division, sons lost in the war in Iraq.
On Sunday, Army sergeants Jason D. Jordan, 24, of Elba, Ala., and Justin W.
Garvey, 23, of Townsend, Mass., were killed when their convoy was attacked
with rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire.
Angie Walsh, mother of Sgt. Garvey, also was contacted by phone at her home
in Townsend, Mass., a small town of about 9,000 near the New Hampshire
''In the beginning he told me, 'Mom, I'm really glad we're here. The people
need us and they are poor.' He said most everyone was happy the Americans
were there,'' she said.
''The attitude changed in recent months. He told me that the people over
there hated Americans, that kids were throwing rocks at them. He told me his
guys just wanted to come home,'' Walsh said, remembering her last
conversation with her son a week before he died.


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