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Tue Jul 22 11:59:17 MDT 2003

  NO -- you condescending %#*!..I was saying that *IF* the media 
was about reporting news and exposing stories they could expose 
just as much dirt on the ruling class without waiting for the story to 
happen. I realize that the media doesn't operate like that. But, I 
was nevertheless responding to Mark's suggestion (at least the 
way I interpreted it)  that reporting news is  some mechanical 
process in which journalists always wait for the controversial story 
to happen rather than expose a controversy in the making. 

Are you dense or something or are just looking for attention?


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> David,
> 	David. There's no point to a pissing match. You think bourgeois
> journalism is doing a terrible job. I just wanted to point out, one
> would only say that if they were under the illusion that there is any
> traditional bourgeois journalism left in the corporate media. 
> 	"Journalists" have no control, zero, zip, over the contents of
> the corporate media. They have qualitatively less so *today* than they
> did a couple of years ago, when they had no control whatsoever. 
> 	That's right, re-read the sentence. Two years ago they had no
> control. TODAY they have less than that. *Qualitatively* less than that.
> Less than zero.
> 	"War is peace..." 
> 	"We have always been at war with Oceania..."
> 	"U.S. military combat casualties since the war in Iraq ended..."
> 	Put Marxmail aside for a few days. Read Orwell. The latest
> headline news from next week's edition of the corporate media are all
> there. And have been for half a century.
> José

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