Human Rights Group Blasts Israeli Soldiers

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Tue Jul 22 13:28:58 MDT 2003

"Israel's leading civil rights group harshly criticized soldiers for cruel
behavior against Palestinians over the past year and complained about
military policy that bans inquiries into most Palestinian deaths. "

"In its annual report released Tuesday, the Association of Civil Rights in
Israel decried "unprecedented harm to innocent people, Palestinians and
Israelis," during the third year of violence. "


This is an AP story, and as such provides an excellent opportunity to make
this kind of information more widely known. Let your local newspaper know
you expect them to carry this story, and if they don't, scream. I haven't
been closely following the list discussion on the media and reporters and
independence, but newspapers generally do need to maintain SOME semblance of
"fair reporting" in order to maintain their credibility, so they ARE
susceptible to pressure. Let's provide some.

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