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John M Cox coxj at email.unc.edu
Tue Jul 22 14:23:27 MDT 2003

Earlier today, I posted what appears to be a letter from a soldiers' dad,
and from the soldier himself, describing growing anti-Bush sentiment
within the occupation forces, especially after Bush's 'bring them on'
remark. In response to a query, I posted the URL, which was
from the Web site of a run-of-the-mill daily
paper in central Tennessee. (This site also includes Stan Goff's article
following Bush's remarks, among other things.)

This article, however, has been seized upon
and circulated, for whatever reason, by far-rightists and antisemites; it
appears on at least one right-wing Web site (www.wwviews.com). So, while
the letter seemed like a good thing to circulate among anti-war activists,
I'd advise against using it. It's also very difficult (and probably not
worth the time) to determine the origin of the soldiers' letter - perhaps
it started with the antisemites, then ended up at the Tennessee paper, who
knows. At any rate, there have been numerous good articles in recent days
about declining troop morale and so on, so again I'd advise against
circulating this letter.

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