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DMS dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 22 11:57:32 MDT 2003

We have, I know, discussed this before.  I think
that the "utility" of "letters from GIs" to both
left and right is one more reason to not advance
a slogan or platform that states "Support our troops,
bring them home."

The support our troops, bring them home is an
attempt to avoid the hard cold truth about who
and what the military serves.  Really, we
don't have to accommodate the patriotic, familial,
sentimentality which is rapidly dissolving in the
reality of continued casualties.

"We said" before:  No War, No Invasion.  We say now
"Troops Out."  Those who are concerned about the well-
being of their loved ones in the military will be more
than willing to meet those demands half-way, since the
meaning of the demands is clear, and includes no future

Or we could try something a little more direct-- like,

Don't die for Halliburton.


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