Peter Camejo, the Greens, and Independent Politcal Action

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> So, let's hope we do learn from the German Green's
> experience and not 
> repeat it.

I think an element not very much discussed is the
*specifics* of the US political and electoral

1. The great degree of degenaricy of the tradeunion
leadership, the smallish size of the left, the absence
of any mass base to support independent opposition
movements inside the unions, etc in the US makes the
electoral road the most feasible one for the left. It
is no outside the realm of very possible developments
in the US that an electoral left will precede the
development of a tradeunion left and building of
stronger left organizations.

2. The question of the bipartisan political regime. 
Without breaking it, all the talk of building a left
will remain marginal at best. The GP is the only tool
available today to try and pursue this road of
destructing the bipartisan political regime.

3. The undemocratic nature of the electoral system in
the US, to the right of the electoral systems in
Europe and elsewhere. Radical electoral demands would
help expose this to larger layers of society and in
that, the GP also can and is playing a role. Only a
massive organizing, coupled with some money and big
names can offer any credible, stable challenge to the
bipartisan regime. The GP has proved that this can be
done. This is particularly true in national campaigns
- no much so at the local level.

4. The GP in the US is *different* than the German
Green.  It emerged from different social base, and in
many ways is to the left of the German counterparts,
including the fact that they are not as
environmentalist (read exclusively) as other GPs i

5. The GP is open to be worked by the left and its
activists and to influence or steer its direction.

6. There is nothing wrong with the left critically
supporting some or many candidates of the GP, provided
they do so combined with building the left. There is
plenty of youth and workers among the 3-Million+
voters of the GP... and the number will continue to
grow.  Of course, the Camejo or Nader way - that of
individuals, not organized and activist movements -
will not achieve this.

7. At any rate, the GP in the US will be just a
vehicle for a while. One must consider taking it to go
from point a to b.  The alternative is sitting the
elections out or, worse, trying the most utopiam,
impractical and disastrous policy of supporting the
"left" of the Democratic Party.


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