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Richard Harris rhh1 at gotadsl.co.uk
Tue Jul 22 17:48:54 MDT 2003

David (dms) said:

> We have, I know, discussed this before.

So it is about time comrades got in line ~ we have a war against capital to
fight, not just a discussion group.

>"We said" before:  No War, No Invasion.  We say now
> "Troops Out."  Those who are concerned about the well-
> being of their loved ones in the military will be more
> than willing to meet those demands half-way, since the
> meaning of the demands is clear, and includes no future
> Iraqis.

Exactly right.  'Troops out' is direct.  It is also a call from Northern
Ireland.  One war everywhere, Iraq, Belfast, Flint factories, Chile.
'Troops out' applies to all of these places (oops! - I forgot Canterbury.
The troops here, the Royal Irish Regiment, fresh from Basra, are not my
troops - they invade my town as much as they invaded Basra and Belfast.
When the workers see that, that is the day of revolution.)

> Or we could try something a little more direct-- like,

> Don't die for Halliburton.

No.  That is a demand to individual soldiers.  'Troops out' is also a demand
on the state. It is a challenge to the state.  That is the road we must

best wishes

Richard Harris
Kent   UK

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