Dr David Kelly and Blair's endgame?

Richard Harris rhh1 at gotadsl.co.uk
Tue Jul 22 18:06:23 MDT 2003

> If Number 10 leaked Kelly's name to the press (or declined to stop a
> leak they knew would occur), this could be the weapon with which to
> deliver the fatal blow to Blair.

In the UK system, the only thing that will demolish Blair is the Labour
Party mandarins deciding that he is irredeemably a liability.  As he has
been electorally so good, one can only say at present, as Matthew Paris said
at the weekend, that he is winged.  He will not fly again (but he can hop
around until someone decided to kill him.)  Kelly is small fry and his role
in the great game was small.  The real issue is why the war?  Focus will
return to that, and now Blair is wounded.  As I said in an earlier posting,
my neighbours all suspect murder.  I hear an Esther Ransen (foul person) on
Radio 4 yesterday saying that the medics in her family think it remarkably
difficult to kill oneself by slitting one's wrist with a penknife.  My wife
is a medical consultant ~ she agrees.  We will have to see. It's an easy way
to create a suicide, thought (I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist ~
it all seems very odd, & who is going to investigate the case, I wonder?
I'd love to have overheard the discussions at Thames Valley Police HQ as the
senior staff discussed who to put in charge of the investigation.  How many
'phone calls did they make to the Home Office, MI5 etc before they decided?)

> Was Kelly used by British intelligence to leak black propaganda about
> Iraq to the tabloids to shore up the government's line in the 1990s?
> What else would he have been leaking? And is it likely that this was
> somehow not known to British intelligence? Is it not more likely that
> they did know - or even approved it, or used him as an unwitting (?)
> proxy?

Smart and good questions.  To ask the question is to answer it.

> There's been nothing in the
> press other than what a decent and honest man he was. I don't doubt

Well I do.  Give me a good cleaner or cook any day.  At best, he was one of
the shits who baulked at what was really going on.  (Where are the inquiries
in England on the shoot to kill war in Ireland etc.  The people who run the
state here are all 'respectable' tea drinking
have-another-cucumber-sandwich-eating shits.


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