Dr David Kelly and Blair's endgame?

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Wed Jul 23 02:46:50 MDT 2003

This guy raises an interesting point about the suicide method.

On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 05:06  pm, Richard Harris wrote:

>> If Number 10 leaked Kelly's name to the press (or declined to stop a
>> leak they knew would occur), this could be the weapon with which to
>> deliver the fatal blow to Blair.
> In the UK system, the only thing that will demolish Blair is the Labour
> Party mandarins deciding that he is irredeemably a liability.  As he
> has
> been electorally so good, one can only say at present, as Matthew
> Paris said
> at the weekend, that he is winged.  He will not fly again (but he can
> hop
> around until someone decided to kill him.)  Kelly is small fry and his
> role
> in the great game was small.  The real issue is why the war?  Focus
> will
> return to that, and now Blair is wounded.  As I said in an earlier
> posting,
> my neighbours all suspect murder.  I hear an Esther Ransen (foul
> person) on
> Radio 4 yesterday saying that the medics in her family think it
> remarkably
> difficult to kill oneself by slitting one's wrist with a penknife.  My
> wife
> is a medical consultant ~ she agrees.  We will have to see. It's an
> easy way
> to create a suicide, thought (I'm not trying to be a conspiracy
> theorist ~
> it all seems very odd, & who is going to investigate the case, I
> wonder?
> I'd love to have overheard the discussions at Thames Valley Police HQ
> as the
> senior staff discussed who to put in charge of the investigation.  How
> many
> 'phone calls did they make to the Home Office, MI5 etc before they
> decided?)
>> Was Kelly used by British intelligence to leak black propaganda about
>> Iraq to the tabloids to shore up the government's line in the 1990s?
>> What else would he have been leaking? And is it likely that this was
>> somehow not known to British intelligence? Is it not more likely that
>> they did know - or even approved it, or used him as an unwitting (?)
>> proxy?
> Smart and good questions.  To ask the question is to answer it.
>> There's been nothing in the
>> press other than what a decent and honest man he was. I don't doubt
> that...
> Well I do.  Give me a good cleaner or cook any day.  At best, he was
> one of
> the shits who baulked at what was really going on.  (Where are the
> inquiries
> in England on the shoot to kill war in Ireland etc.  The people who
> run the
> state here are all 'respectable' tea drinking
> have-another-cucumber-sandwich-eating shits.
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