Dirty Harry returns

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 22 19:54:35 MDT 2003

I've listened to extensive coverage of the presumed murders of Uday and
Qusay Hussein. In this supposedly "Christian" country, not once did I hear
the slightest questioning of the morality of killing men who haven't even
been charged with any crime, nevertheless convicted. Nor in this "nation of
laws" did I hear a single reporter or talking head ask the obvious question
- according to what law were these murders carried out? "Regime change" has
already been effected in Iraq, and the "threat" (ha ha) from "weapons of
mass destruction" (ha ha again) has been removed. So what exactly is the
legal basis for killing members of the former regime? Oh yeah, the law of
the jungle.

Also totally unnoted by anyone in the media, with the exception of the great
Robert Knight reporting on Pacifica, was the fact that this was the fifth
time (by Robert's count) that Uday and Qusay have been reported killed by US
forces. Wouldn't want to dredge up previous lies, it might remind us too
much of the Jessica Lynch lies on this day of her triumphant return home.

Meanwhile, it is reported that 200 soldiers, plus air support, fought a
six-hour (!) firefight, with the end result that the four (!) men in the
house were killed. These are the "crack troops" of the 101st Airborne?

On the subject of polls, it is reported tonight that a poll says that 32% of
Americans (or maybe it was Californians) say that the deaths of Uday and
Qusay make them more supportive of the war against Iraq. Right. What a load
of crap. Proving once again that, given a poll question that makes it sounds
like a positive answer will be good for Bush, a Bush supporter will answer
"yes" no matter how ludicrous the proposition. Of course, if anyone ever
polled me (I've yet to have that "honor") I'd do the same thing in reverse,
so I can't blame the pollees. Just the news organizations who report this
ridiculous "news."

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