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John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 20:33:09 MDT 2003

That's difficult to answer without knowing which
college you're talking about.  Oberlin and Santa Cruz,
for example, are more or less that size.  And is a 28%
difference in wages for such a supervisorial position.

It also depends on which department he/she will be
working and the exact nature of his/her work and
requierements of the job (additional research,
administrative, publishing, etc). 

A third variable would be what kind of resume,
experience and special deals made at the time of
hiring such as relocation expenses, etc are made.

It could greatly fluctuate as to make any guess
irrelevant without the proper info.

 --- Gary MacLennan <g.maclennan at qut.edu.au> escribió:
> A friend (alas not myself) is being head hunted for
> a job in the States in 
> college with around 6,000 students.  he will be
> running a department with a 
> dozen full time staff.  what would his salary
> expectations be?  How much 
> should he ask for?  email off list please..
> regards
> Gary

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