goff's page is silly

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 21:32:11 MDT 2003

Would someone please tell me how I'm supposed to get
past the rhetoric of S. Goff's page?
www.bringthemhomenow.org, I mean.

For example:

>>The horrible fact of 19 methodical fanatics armed
with box cutters murdering more than 3,000 Americans
should have taught us the difference between
deterrable and undeterrable enemies.<<

For a start, might we not remember all the
internationals who also perished on 9-11?

>>Suicide bombers are not deterable. Dictators — like
Saddam Hussein, who clawed his way to power and wants
to keep it — are deterrable.<<

Right, so let's wipe out Afghanistan for justice's
sake, and continue sanctions against entire countries
knowing full well it is murder against millions.

>>Al Qaeda has much stronger ties with Pakistani and
Saudi government officials than it has with people in
the Iraqi government. Bush's war would be a massacre
of civilians with no connection to September 11.<<

Why are these things even being discussed on these
terms?. It begs the very questions the Bushies and the
right wing want to be begged--they set the terms of
the incoherent discussion and then pile on to make it
reach a conclusion.

>>Furthermore, if we're concerned about weapons of
mass destruction — and we should be — let's not do the
one thing that will provoke Sadaam into using them:
invade his country.<<

update the page now that Iraq has been invaded and
none of the phony WMD ever got used, not even in

>>The slaughter of thousands of Muslims would beget
hatred which would beget more violence.<<

Well the slaughter of a few thousand Americans begets
more violence than hundreds of thousands of Muslims
apparently. So when is the American side going to get
tired of hating and killing so much?

>>The promise of America harbors a real solution. The
spread of prosperity, hope, civil rights, and
democracy through peaceful means will win us allies
and isolate the terrorists, making their apprehension
more likely.<<

Yes, run them all down in the name of democracy and

>>Peace is not naive, and it's not mere moralising:
it's sensible and it's patriotic.<<

Yeah, what do we need morality for anyway, we've got
the sanctity of the American nation!

>>We support our troops. That's why we want them kept
out of a pointless war that would only serve to make
America less safe and less secure.

Bring Them Home NOW.<<

Well, uh, who's going to pay for them if they go back
to the US?

C. Jannuzi



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