Militarizing Japan

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Tue Jul 22 21:53:05 MDT 2003

>>New York Times
July 22, 2003

Japan Faces Burden: Its Own Defense


Most of the NYT's coverage of Japan is about as fake
as its other stuff. My recent favorite was the NYT
Japan reporter describing a town that doesn't exist
because he misunderstood the name of a place as ending
in -shi (which he thought meant 'town' or 'burg' or
'city'). It soon became clear from reading the article
that the reporter was just describing stuff based on
what he saw from a report on Japanese TV, right down
to the 'interview' with the grandma washing her daikon
roots in a stream.

In the case of the French piece of garbage, the
tendentious analysis doesn't even have the pretense of
being news. Japan became nuclear capable when it
pursued a civilian nuclear program, and that was a
long long time ago. Japan had nuclear weapons when the
US stationed them here, and that had been going on for
a long long time.

And Japan remains far less militaristic than Germany.
It never interfered in the internal politics of
Yugoslavia, unlike Germany and Austria. And it is not
doing soldiering in Afghanistan in support of US

Japan has deep problems. Its responses to them in the
next 5 years are quite likely to have terrible
repurcussions for Japan and for the rest of Asia. None
of them will you understand from reading the NYT or
the WSJ (or the FT for that matter).

C. Jannuzi


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